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Small WHG4 Update on Nov 29, 2015
By Stevie
Posted in Projects
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I've still been working really hard on The World's Hardest Game 4. I wanted to have a video teaser out a long time ago but I ran into a few reasons why that wasn't realistic. There's a new feature in the game that I want almost fully implemented before making the trailer, and I only plan for that to happen closer to when it's finished. I don't want to reveal what that new feature is because it would be hard to understand through just text. It'll probably be another month or two before the trailer is released, sorry!

Here's a screenshot of one of the other new features in WHG4, and you can see a list of the previously mentioned new features in this blog post. As you can see, there's now a summary after finishing each level detailing how/where you died and how much time you took, along with the map of the level. Keep in mind, the details in this screenshot are fake, so for example the time taken would be much longer in reality.


Also, I decided to make 5 levels again, I was only planning to make 4 but I had enough ideas/motivation that it would be a shame not to make 5. There's 12 areas in each level (either 4x3 or 3x4), so there will be 60 areas in total.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm just so focused on finishing the game (and juggling schoolwork as well) that I don't have much time for updates.

I'm planning to release the game probably February of 2016, but possibly March instead. It's a bit hard to predict though. Right now it's about 75% done, though (I've already worked on it for 10 months)!
Working on WHG4 - Level 2 on Oct 26, 2015
By Stevie
Posted in Projects
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Progress on The World's Hardest Game 4 has been going well. I'm hoping to have it done and released in January 2016, but it could be a bit sooner or later. I thought I'd show off a few screenshots of the development process to give you guys a behind-the-scenes look at what designing the levels looks like. I also made this video a long time ago which shows me desigining an area from WHG3.

There's still a few major new features in WHG4 that I haven't revealed yet. Those features have been removed from the screenshots because I'd rather reveal it when the teaser video comes out, which should be in a few weeks. Also, keep in mind these designs will probably be changed (I've already made some big changes to level 1 since I last posted a teaser of it), but this is what my best ideas are so far. It also might be hard to understand based on the rough notes, because they aren't intended for anyone else to see, the labels for the areas aren't correct from this view, you don't know which doors the keys open, and you can't see any of the animations so it looks a lot blockier than it will in the actual game.

The text at the top of the screenshots will actually be white in the real game. It just shows up and blue and yellow there because the text shines a certain color when it changes and only the first frame is shown while I'm working on it.








Working on World's Hardest Game 4!! on Sep 12, 2015
By Stevie
Posted in Projects
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That's right! I've been working all year on The World's Hardest Game 4!!! If you're unfamiliar with the WHG series, check out WHG, WHG2 and WHG3. I'm guessing it'll be another 4-6 months until WHG4 is done (a bit slow since I'm in school), so until then I'll occasionally be releasing some random previews of the game. Right now I'll show off the minimap for Level 1. I'll also show off some more minimaps as I complete them, as well as a teaser video at some point, and maybe some level design timelapse videos as well (like this one I did for WHG3). I'd rather spend my time working on the game as opposed to blogging about it, so the updates will be limited.

I scrapped most of the level design for lvl1 at one point and started from scratch, as well as scrapping a few versions for each of the areas as I made them, so it took a while but I'm finally happy with how lvl1 turned out! :D Usually when I make a game, I'm not as proud of the early parts as I am of the later ones, so it's nice to finally have a game that I like the starting of.

This map doesn't show the enemies, coins, keys, or moving platforms. Also, the conveyor belts are all shown as light grey even though there are several different types.


I talked a bit about this on the forum, but I never officially mentioned this so here it is. The main differences with WHG4 as opposed to previous versions are as follows:
  • Ice (slippery)
  • Water (slows down player and causes 10 second countdown until death by drowning)
  • Conveyor belts (with 3 speeds and 4 directions)
  • Pits / Moving Platforms over the pits

There are a few other changes but I probably won't spoil them before the game comes out. That's all for now!
World's Hardest Game #3 Released! on Jan 31, 2014
By Stevie
Posted in Releases
Comments (347)

The day has finally come! Play The World's Hardest Game #3 now on Addicting Games!


Edit: There was a bug where doors are closed when they shouldn't be after saving/loading. I fixed it, and the updated version of the game should be live soon. You will see "v1.1" on the preloader if you have the fixed version. You may need to clear your browser's cache in order to get the fixed version.

Also, some people have been having issues with lag. If on the menu you disable motion trails and set the quality to low, and it's still lagging, the only thing left to do to reduce lag is make the game smaller in size. The easiest way to do this is to reduce the magnification on your browser (you should be able to hold crtl and use the scroll wheel to do this).
World's Hardest Game 3 Release Date on Jan 17, 2014
By Stevie
Posted in Releases
Comments (45)

I finished The World's Hardest Game #3 near the start of January, and like the games I've gotten sponsored in the past, I assumed it would be released a few days later at most. As it turns out, they have scheduled the release date for January 31, 2014. So it'll be another 2 weeks. I feel bad about getting people excited too early, so sorry about that... I just had no reason to think the release date would be this late. I'll edit this post if there are any updates, but almost certainly it will be Jan 31st.

I have played TWHG3 a lot and it really is very fun. The level design is WAY better than the previous games (especially the later levels), the engine is better (such as hit detection), and the fact that it's more like an adventure game now is probably what most sets it apart from the previous games and makes it much better. I'm really proud of it and I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
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