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Play World's Hardest Game 4!!! on Jun 9, 2016
By Stevie
Posted in Projects
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The World's Hardest Game #4 has finally been released!

If you find there's a lot of lag, try playing on Crazy Games instead.
Where is WHG4?!? on Apr 20, 2016
By Stevie
Posted in Projects
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Edit: The game is done and the release is scheduled for June 9th on

AttachmentI was hoping to have finished The World's Hardest Game 4 by now (check out the trailer), but it's been taking longer than expected. I'm actually done all the level design (60 areas), programming, menus, etc. The only things that are left to do are record 30-40 more voices for the square and animate them, make the walkthrough, and design some promotional materials for my sponsor Addicting Games. All of this really shouldn't take longer than 2 weeks, but I've ran into some setbacks.

The main reason it hasn't been finished yet is I've been busy finishing off the semester at school, and I got too sick to record voices (can't record voices with a sore throat). I'm done the semester in a few days and I should better by then, so it really should be done in around 2 weeks from now, but that's slightly optimistic.

Anyway, here's a screenshot from level 5 - B4, which is one of my favorite areas. One of the cool things about WHG4 is that unlike previous games, most of the areas don't just have one obstacle, they are made up of several different ones. So in 5-B4 it's kind of like 3 areas in one. This made designing the 60 areas a lot more time consuming, because doing several different obstacles in one area is a lot more work. I think it definitely paid off though.


Also, check out this great fan-made video of some people playing the original WHG. It's different than other "let's play" videos because they put a lot of work into the editing and they have little sketches inbetween gameplay. My favorite part is at around 11:30 when the guy is having a nightmare that he's inside the game. There are a lot of funny parts, you should check it out.

World's Hardest Game 4 Trailer!! on Mar 13, 2016
By Stevie
Posted in Projects
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I finally got around to making a full video trailer for The World's Hardest Game 4! I'm hoping to have the game released in 1-2 months, but it's still a bit unpredictable. All that's left to do is record around 30 voices for the square to say and animate them, and also to make a full video walkthrough. Can't wait to get it done!

WHG4 Preview & Level Design on Feb 27, 2016
By Stevie
Posted in Projects
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I'm just finishing up the level design on The World's Hardest Game 4, and my last level design video wasn't that good so I figured I'd put out another level design video, and here it is below. It also comes with a preview of me playing the finished level, which is the first public video of me playing the game. I was hoping to make a much cooler teaser video a lot sooner but have been putting it off for a long time, mainly because I don't have many voices recorded yet for the player to say.

Level 5 - B2 Preview

Level 5 - B2 Level Design Video

Level 5 - B2 Screenshot


As you might be able to tell from the video, the ending of WHG4 is different from the previous games. Long story short, you basically unlock the last 5 areas, which you have to beat all in a row without dying. There are also coins/diamonds/keys to collect along the way, and each area has a different color. So instead of having one insanely hard area, you have 5 moderately hard areas, but all in a row. I think this is going to be by far the best ending of a game in the series. I've also taken around a month off (to focus on university) so I've recharged my batteries a bit and I'm able to put my all into the level designs and make sure it's not rushed at the end.

Wish me luck finishing the game! As of now I'm roughly aiming to finish mid-March and hopefully release soon after.
WHG4 Updates on Jan 23, 2016
By Stevie
Posted in Projects
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I added a new feature to The World's Hardest Game 4 recently where if you're going a certain speed on ice and you hit a wall, you bounce once. But if you hit a wall on ice while going slowly, you just press up against it like normal. The bouncing makes it a lot cooler, and I'll be sure to show it off when I get around to doing the trailer (more about that below).

In level 1, after a few normal areas, you get to a fork in the road in area B2 where you're introduced to the ice levels and the water levels at the same time, and you have to beat them both (in any order) to unlock the conveyor belt levels. Now that the ice causes you to bounce against walls, I gave you a little wall to bounce against in B2, so when you first see the ice for the first time, you have a chance to realize all of it's properties (slippery, bouncing, fast) before you go into areas with ice and enemies. I also already gave you a little gap in the water so that you can realize that you have to breathe every 10 seconds otherwise you'll drown. I like how now B2 looks more symetrical with the wall/ice on one side and the gap/water on the other.


Even though WHG4 is around 93% done, I still haven't been able to get the trailer out. The main reason is because I wanted to record more voices for the player and animate them so that there's a wider variety of talking in the trailer. If you don't know what I mean by this, you can take a look at the screenshots from this blog entry to get an idea. The problem is, the winter break is over and I'm back into another semester of university so now I have less free time, and also I was sick for around a week so I couldn't record the voices. It's hard to say how long til the trailer will be out but it could be anywhere from 1-4 weeks, and the game should probably be out in 5-10 weeks. My predictions usually suck though.

Anyway, here's another new area from level 5 of WHG4, and also a similar area from WHG3 for comparison. It's kind of hard to understand what's happening without the animation though. I'd say the WHG4 area is overall better, because...
  • The vertical enemies are staggered as opposed to half one way and half the other, which makes it less tedious/cheap.
  • There's multiple ways to go, so you can skip one part of it if you want, and each option is difficult in it's own way. This makes it shorter/easier overall compared to the WHG3 area, but I think it's more fun this way.
  • The WHG4 area has moving platforms with rotating circles on top, which create a fun effect, especially because the vertical enemies are a bit slower than the moving platforms.
  • You can enter the area for the first time from different directions, one with a checkpoint and one without. There are reasons why the player might want to go from either route, it's hard to say which is better overall.


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